Swimming ponds

The perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day - sustainable, low-maintenance & affordable.

Natural & Refreshing

A chemical-free way to maximize your outdoor space.

Love the idea of a swimming pool but hate the chemicals and maintenance? Swimming ponds are the perfect solution! They offer a low maintenance, affordable and chemical free alternative to the traditional swimming pool. You can cool off on a hot summer day, rest assured that your backyard is good for the environment.

Our swimming ponds services include:

  • Swimming pond design
  • Swimming pond installation
  • Swimming pond maintenance
  • Swimming pond repair
  • Plant selection
  • And more!

How does a swimming pond stay clean?

We're the best in the business - our results speak for themselves.

Natural swimming ponds clean themselves. Swimming ponds don't use an active filtration system or chemicals to keep the water clean. The plants do all the work. A swimming pond is typically comprised of 50% swimming area and a 50% planted area. The pool requires little maintenance or chemicals, as the plants naturally clean the water by stoping algae growth through the removal of phosphorus and nitrogen. This requires careful design and planning by an experienced professional.

Affordable and low-maintenance

Yes, it can work for you!

Like the idea of saving money? While construction costs for swimming ponds may initially be higher than those of conventional pools, over time you will spend less money on your system. Why's that? A conventional pool requires lots of maintenance - active filtration systems, chemical cleaning products and active cleaning. Swimming ponds, on the other hand, rely on the work of their plants to do all the work. This reduces your maintenance costs, and the time you need to take to make sure your pool is working properly.



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