The Swimming Pond: Not Your Typical Swimming Pool

When the weather warms up and you want to be able to go swimming on your property, it’s likely that you might consider installing a pool. However, another alternative that is less known is a swimming pond. For those who want the function of a pool with a more natural look to blend into their surroundings, it may be worth consulting with a specialist who can install one for you and elevate your outdoor space.

Blends With the Background

One of the biggest advantages of opting for this type of pool is that it fits better with the greenery and flora around many homes. From the natural color of the water to a perimeter that blends more naturally with the environment it’s no wonder that many homes located in temperate climates are choosing private ponds instead of regular cement inground pools. Whether you choose a simple design surrounded by plants or a more complex one decorated with rustic accessories and natural materials, you will notice how swimming ponds are better suited for creating a more earthy feel.

Utilizes Natural Processes

Instead of relying solely on chemical treatments, ponds incorporate natural processes to aid in filtering water and keeping it clean and safe. Though the excavation site is lined similarly to a traditional pool, it is surrounded by a regeneration zone that promotes the growth of helpful bacteria. In areas where the environment and space allow it, pumice, certain types of clay and gravel can be used in conjunction with hidden pumps and piping to keep water filtered and circulating. Optional water features can also be added to increase oxygen in the water.

If you are ready to enjoy water activities and the natural beauty of swimming ponds, the first step is to reach out to a qualified expert. Speaking with a professional who specializes in both landscaping and building these types of structures can help you to explore the best options for the space you are working with.