Helpful Hints About Differences in Porcelain, Travertine, and Slate Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor tiles now come in a wide variety of colors, styles, textures, and materials; so many infact, that it can often be confusing to know what type of tiles can be used where. The tiles need to be sufficiently durable to withstand weather and traffic, hard enough to resist extreme weather, and suitably strong to last for years. Homeowners also want a masonry product that compliments their home’s style, yet is still functional and hard-wearing. Porcelain, slate, and travertine all have new looks and styles, so here are some helpful hints about choosing between the tiles.

Porcelain tiles are no longer for indoor use only. The new state of the art tiles look and feel like natural stone, so much so that it can be difficult to know the difference. Created to be slip resistant, they are tough, waterproof (with low absorption), and stain resistant. The intricate textures and striking variations in colors allow these masonry tiles to mimic a natural stone’s beauty but can cost much less.

Travertine is a natural stone product made of highly compressed limestone. The holes, channels, and pits within the stone provide a beautiful rustic look that makes them perfect for outdoor use. Additionally, the natural stone reflects sun’s rays, allowing the tiles to remain cool during even the hottest summer days. Often streaked with varying tones of silver, gray, reds, or browns, these stone are highly desired for their exquisite look.

Slate is a metamorphic stone made from clay and volcanic ash, with small amounts of additional minerals to create color variations. Colors usually range from gray to black, but tiles may also be found with red or green tones. The uneven surface makes it naturally slip-resistant, so homeowners may find it perfect for their outdoor tile needs. Slate stone is only moderately hard, but is moderately resistant to scratches; therefore, it does require yearly sealing when used outdoors.

By choosing the right outdoor masonry tiles, homeowners can add value to their home. Entertaining can then move outdoors to enjoy nature’s beauty with friends and family.