The Importance of Streams in Your Water Garden


The water garden is most commonly associated with the tranquility of the ancient Japanese garden. Built to mimic one of nature’s most serene settings, the garden was often built in an enclosed area, filled with water, then used for worship, and tea ceremonies. Each design element was carefully chosen and was built to represent a part of something important in nature. Homeowners still build ponds, waterways, and waterfalls, but many forget the importance of streams when they plan the water areas. Here are a few reasons to use streams in your gardens.

Sounds of Nature

A stream, flowing over rocks and around curves, can make a tranquil sound that is almost like a breath of fresh air for the soul. If you want to sit in your garden and meditate, relax with a cup of coffee, or read the latest book, why not add a stream to heighten your enjoyment while out in nature.

Inviting the Wildlife

Many homeowners build water features because they enjoy attracting wildlife to their property. Adding a stream or two that feeds into the pond or man-made lake can encourage frogs, birds, and other small animals to come to your watering hole for a bath or drink. It can be exhilarating to watch deer walk across your backyard to enjoy a drink, and watching ducks enjoying a bath in the cool water can bring a smile to your face.

Benefits of Oxygen

Nature uses streams to send active water into an enclosed pond to revitalize the liquid and allow oxygenation, and so can you. A stream can allow fish to survive in a small pond as it pours into the stagnant waters. Adding a recycling pump or exit stream to the other side of the pond can also help keep the water active and alive.

If you want to add a stream to your water garden, contact a contractor, and discuss your options today. There are numerous possibilities available to beautify your yard. As the sound of water adds tranquility to your outdoor time, you may find yourself spending more time outdoors.