Use Hardscaping to Add Long Lasting Beauty to Your Yard

You’ve probably seen the yard that instantly draws your attention. It’s organized, appealing, and has great use of space. It also contains design elements that are welcoming, yet still functional such as walkways, patios, and planting beds. You can be assured that most of these inviting yards were designed by hardscaping design professionals.

Hardscaping typically refers to permanent design elements of the landscape such as retaining walls, fencing, edgings, and paths. These enduring structures add to the function of the outdoor space by making them more usable and easy to maintain. These design features may also be used to define spaces or highlight areas.

A hardscape professional is a specialty landscaper that has experience designing and implementing a plan for the use of “hard” materials on your property such as brick, paving stones, metal, and concrete. They can visualize what the features may look like before they are completed or installed. It may be as simple as a wall to hold a garden, or as complex as a water feature that includes fish and fountains.

Their talent doesn’t stop there, however. Hardscaping professionals can also design decks, patios, barbeque areas, and retaining walls. It doesn’t have to be a large design to excite that hardscaper’s imagination. Small design elements such as copper ornamental statutes, lantern posts, and bird houses are just what they may love to create.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing “softscape” that contains hardscape elements takes vision and creativity. Many professionals began their careers as landscapers, so they know how all the elements need to work together to form a cohesive whole. They understand that the hardscape must be done first if possible so that the rest of the yard isn’t damaged or destroyed by the equipment and laborers.

Adding hardscaping when landscaping can not only impress your neighbors, it can add value to your home. Contact a qualified hardscape design professional with any questions you may have.