Could Your Property Benefit From a Swimming Pond?

Do you know the difference between a natural swimming pond and a sculptured pool? The difference is that one uses nature to create an environment that blends into the surrounding area, and the other uses chemicals created at a factory. The looks are very different, as is the impact on the area around the pool. Here are some facts you may not know about the ecological wonders that are the natural swimming ponds.


The natural ponds use gravel stones and clay in their creation instead of concrete or fiberglass. But perhaps the biggest difference is the eco-system that the natural pool uses because it relies on plants to clean the water and never introduces chemicals or mechanical filters to clean the pond’s contents.  Vegetation filters the pool and feeds it with oxygen, allowing good bacteria to grow. The flora also supports insects and water creatures to develop homes in the natural environment. You can swim among ducks, fish, and frogs in an area filled with nature’s clean water.


Whether you call it a bio pool, wetland pond, green pool, or organic swimming pool, the ecologically friendly swimming area will be a welcome addition to your yard. There are two parts to the system with a wall between the deep central swimming ponds and the shallow regeneration ponds. You may want to use a circulation pump, but no harsh chemicals like chlorine will be needed.


Understanding the natural biological balance of your pool may take some time, and fighting unwanted algae may require insight into the eco system you are building – so be patient. When you are constructing the pond, check with a professional company for advice on how to prevent the vulnerable newly created area from becoming an eco-nightmare.

You can choose a design and shape that fits your landscape when you build swimming ponds on your property. With the proper plant, amphibian, and animal life in your pool, you can easily take care of the balance of your natural water area.