Keeping Your Koi Pond Beautiful Calls for Maintenance in Every Season

As onlookers gaze at a well-maintained Koi Pond, their stress can sometimes melt away as they witness a sight of tranquility in their community. However, if that same pond is left unattended, it can slowly turn into an eyesore. To get the most out of your pond, it’s important to realize that every season has a special project; there are even some responsibilities in the winter.

As winter fades and the first signs of spring are on the horizon, the most exciting time for your pond is also the one that requires much maintenance. People talk about spring cleaning in their homes. Well, the same applies to your Koi Pond. It requires a good cleaning after the winter months. Fountains that were turned off and put away need to be assembled and put into place. The water quality also needs to be tested to make sure your fish have the best possible environment.

The summer is the perfect opportunity to add new Koi to your pond. To make sure all of your fish are thriving, always take the time to keep your pond clean. Be sure the pond’s filtration system is working. Do your fish have enough oxygen? Adding waterfalls and fountains to your Koi Pond helps to create a picturesque scene, but it also is a great oxygen generator for your Koi. These devices help agitate the pond’s surface, which creates more oxygen.

As the days get shorter and the fall approaches, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your pond for the winter. One last cleaning is essential. The fountains that have been brining life to your pond need to be disassembled and stored for winter. As the winter rolls in, your pond will require limited maintenance, but you should make sure your heaters are working. The Koi should be fine. During this time of the year, they are hibernating. However, if you have an unseasonably cold winter, you may want to consider bringing the Koi inside until the days of spring get closer.