Garden Landscaping Design Secrets

If you are creating a landscape garden in your yard this year or renovating the one you already have, there are some design secrets you should know about. Using the tips below can help your garden succeed.


When a homeowner chooses a tree to add to their yard, it is often because of a single attribute of the tree. This may include:

  • Size
  • Shade
  • Food
  • Flowers

Since the characteristics of trees may change over time, it is essential to understand how the tree will change and how those changes will affect your yard. You should also know the maintenance required by the tree you choose. Fruit trees shed fruit, oak trees shed leaves, and ornamental trees may shed flowers, fruit, and leaves.


Perennial vines are a popular plant in an established landscape garden because of their versatility. From the smell of honeysuckle to the beauty of flowering clematis, the vines can be a welcome addition to any yard. If you love flowering climbers, don’t forget trumpet vines or climbing roses on a well-placed wall trellis.


The acidic nature of soils can vary, as can the natural moisture retention level. Many gardening companies will add special sheeting over the ground in dry areas to prevent excessive evaporation. However, this can prevent plants from getting additional nutrients from the world around them as plant matter breaks down. Consult with your gardener if you have concerns.


Designing a garden landscape can include focal points that have nothing to do with plants. These can include:

  • Walls
  • Fountains
  • Sculptures
  • Lighting
  • Hammocks

Plants can then be used to accent the garden’s focal point with shades of green and brilliant colors.


Before you begin tearing into the soil in your yard, consult with a local landscape garden team for information on design and plants. The team can also help with all the back-breaking labor, so give them a call today.