Tips For Adding a Water Garden To Your Landscape

A water garden can be a soothing and tranquil addition to your backyard landscape. The water features can include anything from a pond or waterfall to small containers and birdbaths. Adding a variety of elements can increase the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

Make a Plan

Planning out the layout of your new water garden can help you determine the size of the features you would like to include and what types of containers may fit into your landscape. If you have a small area, you may want to find a variety of interesting containers to use. In a larger space, you can plan out the shape of your pond, stream or waterfall elements.

Purchase Plants

Plants are an essential element in any water garden. They add life and interest to the landscape, transforming a boring space into a vibrant garden. You can find plants that thrive on the surface of water, such as water lilies, to add interest to your water features. If you live in a colder climate, you may need to bring plants in for the winter so they can survive until the following year. You can also add plants around the edges of your water elements.

Add Fish

Koi and goldfish are popular additions to any water garden. With their bright colors, friendly nature and low maintenance, koi fish may be the best choice for you. Koi fish can grow up to three feet in length when placed in a large container. They only need to be fed once per day and should only be given enough food that they can eat within five minutes. Fish should be added to your water containers after the water plants you add have established themselves.

A landscaping professional can help you design the best water garden for your backyard space, while providing additional knowledge on the best types of plants and fish for your area.