Finding the Perfect Plants for Your Indoor Water Garden

Indoor water features are an excellent way to make your home atmosphere peaceful and calming. Just like an outdoor pond or water garden, the interior version takes some time and planning. One of the main parts of an indoor pond is the plants. There are quite a few plants that work perfectly in this situation.

Choose a Type

There are three basic types of indoor water plants. These are:

  • Aquatics – submerged plants
  • Semi-aquatics – surface foliage plants with underwater roots in the soil
  • Surface plants – foliage that grows on the surface with roots only in the water

You can use multiple types for your indoor pond.

African Fern

African ferns are an aquatic plant that stays submerged in your pond. Its shade-loving nature makes it perfect for indoor gardens. It provides oxygen and will cling to wood inside your water garden.


Duckweed is a surface plant that also provides oxygen to your water and helps you grow other plants. You do have to be careful with it because it can rapidly overgrow an indoor water pond. It is great when you have fish because it can provide them with shelter or shade.

Water Lilies

Water lilies are semi-aquatic plants that flower on the surface. They need some form of soil on the bottom of your pond to root into. Their flowers are shaped like a star, and they come in several colors such as pink, orange, purple and yellow. There are even some that are multicolored. They add a splash of color to your pond.

Water Iris

Water irises are also semi-aquatic. Unlike lilies, they stretch above the surface and produce beautiful yellow flowers. These grow above the surface and can add both height and color to your indoor pond. 


The lotus is a classic plant for all types of water features. Their classic pinkish-white flowers shine on the surface.

When you are designing your indoor water garden, choose the plants that you like the best. You have a lot of flowering and nonflowering options for all growing levels.