Create a Beautiful Water Garden for Pond Fish

An outdoor water garden can add serenity and stunning beauty to your backyard oasis. You can create a custom backyard pond and stock it with striking water plants and beautiful fish. You’ll need to plan out the logistics of a fish pond with an expert before making any purchases. With a professional by your side, you can create the perfect backyard pond.

Pick the Right Spot for Your Pond

The first step of a successful water garden is placement. Choose a spot in your yard that gets several hours of sunlight a day. Avoid positioning it in a place that gets runoff from the rain. The ideal placement of a pond is a spot where animals and plants already visit.

Choose the Size and Dimensions

Fish ponds also must be big enough and deep enough to support the animal’s needs. At a minimum, a pond should hold 1000 gallons of water. It should be at least three feet deep. This will give your fish enough room to swim around and not be cramped.  

Add Features and Plants

Then, think about what kind of features you want your fish pond to have. A waterfall is a soothing water feature that also could help circulate the pond. You can also add a pump if a waterfall is not feasible. Fish also need plant life in the pond so they can take shelter. Water lilies and other plants can help populate the ecosystem.

Stock the Pond With Fish

The last thing to do is stock your pond with elegant fish. Pond fish are usually species of koi or goldfish. Talk to a pond professional to make sure you don’t add too many fish to your pond’s current layout and overload the system.

If you want to build a water garden and have healthy pond fish and plants, consult a pond pro to give you advice. Take your time and get help with creating a gorgeous fish pond for your outdoor space.