Adding a Water Garden to Your Terrestrial Garden

Choosing to add a water feature or water garden to your terrestrial garden is an excellent way to tie your planting efforts together. To make your water feature successful, there are a few things that you need to consider.


One of the most important decisions you will make is where you want to put your pond or feature. This has two sides. The first is the practical side of placement.

You want to have your water feature installed at a higher point in your yard. A low place will be subject to run off which will muddy your water, flood your pond or introduce other elements when it rains. You also don’t want it too close to shrubs or trees where leaves and branches can fall in. Remember it will need at least six hours of sun per day.

Then there is the aesthetic side of placement. Since ground level can be modified with some work, your water garden needs to be where you can enjoy it. Some good ideas are in full view of a patio, window or seating area. Look at your overall garden and make sure that it is in a good viewing area.


In formal gardens, you want a more formal water feature. These work well if your garden is structured. If you have an informal garden, you will want to go with an informal water feature. When you have very little structure and placement, a meandering feature will look best. 

Fountains, Falls and Statues

Adding a fountain, waterfall or statue can add height and added sound to your garden. You can choose one or more of these features to give your garden a different look. When adding one, make sure that the spray is less than the circumference of your pool, so it doesn’t splash out.


Whenever you or a landscaping professional digs in your yard, beware of electrical, coaxial or other cables that might lurk under the soil. A cut cable can be extremely dangerous.

Adding a water garden to your terrestrial garden can be a fun and interesting way to highlight your backyard and bring a sense of calm and quiet to any landscaping.