3 Beautiful Ways to Use Hardscapes in Your Yard

Flowers, shrubs and trees have long been the backbone of a beautiful yard but they aren’t the only way to create something gorgeous. In recent years, hardscaping has become quite popular and for good reason. Check out these gorgeous ways to add hardscapes to your yard.

Walkways and Steps

Whether you have no walkway or at all or a traditional — AKA boring — sidewalk leading up to your home’s front door, consider trading it out for a more unique walkway or set of stairs. Stone pavers add sophisticated elegance to any walkway and can be used to create paths around the house and through the yard so you never need to walk on the lawn — especially helpful after a big rain.

Retaining Walls

Who needs a traditional fence when you can use hardscapes? Stone or paver retaining walls are gorgeous and modern without being overbearing. In addition to creating a more secluded yard for you to entertain friends and family in, retaining walls can also prevent water runoff that ruins plants if you live in a hilly area. Turn it into a green wall by stacking the pavers in a way that allows you to plant flowers directly into the wall. The result is gorgeous scenery that is the perfect backdrop for relaxing and reading a book nearby.

Patios or Entertainment Areas

You don’t need to stick to a traditional concrete patio or wood deck to create an excellent outdoor space for your home. Have the walkways you created lead to a beautiful patio setup in the middle of your yard if you prefer. Stone pavers will add a luxurious feel and create a dry, comfortable space for you to add patio furniture, a grill or even a gazebo. Make it even more magical but surrounding it with flowers or a couple of your favorite trees.

Hardscapes are gorgeous but they also require knowledge and creativity to create. Avoid doing the work yourself. Hire a professional who can help you create and implement the design of your dreams.