Improve Your Landscaping With Professional Tree Planting Services

Does your landscaping need a fresh, natural touch? If you’re looking for a way to improve your lawn in a big way, consider hiring a professional for tree planting services. Trees provide excellent shade, stunning backdrops and natural habitats for birds and other animals on your property. Here are the basic steps to grow a tree in your yard.

Select the Tree

It’s not as easy as stopping by your local garden center or nursery. If you choose a tree that isn’t native to your area, it may struggle to thrive. Trees grow in a wide range of sizes, and some take far longer to reach maturity. Work with a professional landscape designer to discuss all the elements of choosing the best tree. A professional can bring up aspects you may not have considered, like the amount of leaf coverage, length of roots and amount of water and sunlight needed.

Find the Perfect Location

Tree planting also requires selecting the perfect location. After a few years of growth it becomes very difficult or impossible to safely move a tree, so do your research and work with a professional to find the best location on your property for a new tree. Consider traffic patterns in your yard and any buried pipes or nearby foundations that may be compromised by root growth.

Plant Carefully

The planting process can cause transplant shock if not done carefully. Work with a landscaping team to protect your tree and ensure it is planting and begins to grow in a healthy, natural environment.

Maintain a Healthy Tree

Planting is only the first step. Your young tree is far more exposed in the middle of your yard than it is in the forest, so you may need to protect it from animals and the elements. Work with a professional landscaping team to ensure your tree planting results in a healthy, full-grown tree.