Picking the Best Material for Your Hardscaping

Having a lot of yard space can be a huge benefit when it comes to buying a new home. However, deciding how you’re going to constantly maintenance that yard over time can often make the added acreage more of a headache than a reward. Are there any options for creating an outdoor living area that doesn’t require as much upkeep? Yes! It’s a wonderful concept called hardscaping. If you want to build a lovely entertaining space outdoors that shouldn’t cost you countless hours of landscaping in the future, choose this option for a welcoming retreat that requires little maintenance. Here are some popular materials used for the process that might be ideal for your unique situation.

Paver Stones

Stones like limestone, granite, travertine or slate are prime building stones that look natural amongst other landscaping. They can be laid flat against flooring or structured walls for an optimized patio space or they can be situated to create pathways throughout your lawn or garden. Whichever way you decide to use them, these stones come in a myriad of colors and ingrained patterns that can emphasize your personal style and enhance your outdoor area.


More geometric in shape, these stones make for a great accessory in your hardscaping plan. They can be arranged in specific patterns that cater to their natural design, wonderful for decorating around your garden, fountain or pool space. 


Add a bit of fairytale spontaneity to your backyard by using cobblestones. This old-fashioned option can produce a charming and magical scene, inspiring thoughts of rustic cottages and whimsical scenery. Given their round nature, cobblestones aren’t always as easy for constructing a perfect layout — though this is what gives them their all-natural, authentic look amongst your other furnishings or structures.

When you’re building a welcoming entertainment area in your backyard, hardscaping is key to optimizing the space without ending up with a greater list of chores. Fashion together a design plan using any of these stone materials and you’ll be enjoying your outdoor living space in no time.